Fingers Crossed For Good News On Monday
October 22, 2020,

Dear Parents and Guardians of AC Houghton Bobcats,

It's coming . . . school might start on October 28th! Please keep your fingers crossed that the Morrow County Covid-19 positive case numbers are low for the week. If the weekly case totals are below 9 when they are released on Monday, we will start school on Wednesday, October 28th for all students from 8:15am - 1:00pm daily for parents that feel comfortable sending students back to school. We will also continue to offer Distance Learning online as well.

In order to keep our students safe and our schools open, ACH will require all staff and students to wear a mask. We will also continue our enhanced cleaning protocols, frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing and limited movement in the halls throughout the school. Students will enter and exit through exterior doors and maintain social distancing whenever possible. ACH will still remain closed to visitors and volunteers. Students will not share materials and will need to bring a personal water bottle. At this time we are asking all K-3rd grade students to keep their Chromebook and charger at home. This will allow students to access iReady lessons, Music and PE videos, and not miss online school if they are required to stay home.

At this point, this is a very quick start for all students to attend school in-person, we will need to create and update new bus routes. So there will not be any busing available for in-person school on October 28th. We will work with our MidCo bus partners to get this completed as fast as possible. We will need to know who needs bus transportation. Please call or email the office to let us know if you need transportation. 

Breakfast and lunch meal bags will be delivered to each classroom so students will eat at school. Beginning October 28th, if schools are allowed to open, district meals will still be provided to online-only students through a delivery to summer meal drop sites and that schedule will be available soon.

Parents, we are so excited to see all of our students face-to-face! We hope the COVID-19 case numbers allow this to happen. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any crayons, pencils, clorox wipes or kleenexes, we would appreciate the supplies, but nothing is required. Thank you for helping make this transition back to in-person schooling as smooth as possible. Give each other the benefit of patience, we are all feeling different levels of worry about a variety of concerns, safety, social, academic, etc. That is normal and expected, but may heighten our emotions. 

We are optimistic that we will be back to a somewhat typical schedule on Wednesday, October 28th! Our doors will open at 8:15am for student drop off and pick up will be at 1:00pm. All depending on the weekly COVID-19 numbers that will be released on Monday.

Thank you and keep your fingers crossed,

Mrs. Stephanie Ewing